United States Arrests 89 Year Old Former Auschwitz Guard


Yahoo –  An 89-year-old man has been arrested and denied bail in the United States for alleged war crimes as a teenage Nazi guard at Auschwitz.  Johann Breyer, a retired machinist born in Czechoslovakia to a US mother, admits joining the Waffen SS aged 17 but denies being a guard at the concentration camp in German-occupied Poland.  He emigrated to the United States after World War II and is married with children and grandchildren.  But German authorities in 2012 opened an inquiry against him on suspicion he was an accessory in the killings of hundreds of thousands of Jews in 1944 as an Auschwitz guard.  US media quoted court documents as saying that Breyer has been charged on 158 counts of aiding and abetting Nazi atrocities.  His lawyer Dennis Boyle told AFP that Breyer was arrested in Philadelphia on Tuesday on a warrant from the German government and faces an extradition hearing on August 21.  Breyer insists he was only in a field artillery unit of the Waffen SS and deserted weeks later after serving in the vicinity of Auschwitz, but not as a prison guard.  “He denies any involvement in any war crimes whatsoever. He was never a Nazi,” Boyle said, adding that his client had spent time in a Russian prisoner-of-war camp at the end of World War II.

Give the old alleged Nazi a break!  It’s 70 years after the fact and this geyser isn’t hurting anyone.  I think the window to arrest WWII Nazis has passed and you missed the chance to punish this guy.  He’s suffering from dementia and has had a few strokes, so his day is coming soon.  That day would be better served publicly labeled as a Nazi similar to the way Megan’s Law labels child molesters.



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