Howard Eskin Says There’s a Good Chance of Flyers-Guins at Beaver Stadium


It would be the ultimate to have a Flyers-Guins game at Beaver Stadium with the Philly/Pittsburgh rivalry.  Geographically it’s the perfect place for those teams to clash for a hate fest.  During my time at Penn State, I saw the sports fan bases as 40% Pittsburgh, 40% Philly, and 20% New York/Jersey.  It could be less depending on if a team is winning or not in New York because they are bandwagon frauds.

As great as that blood bath would be, there’s a good chance it’s going to be the fucking Sabres playing at Beaver Stadium.  A few years ago the Sabres owner (Penn State alum) donated $80 million so Penn State could build a hockey stadium and have a relevant program.

Since Penn State has a history of making bad decisions for money, I expect an $80 mil donation will award the shit ass Sabres this game.  I don’t think the majority of people that live in Buffalo know they have a hockey team.  Two relevant teams from Pennsylvania?  Naw fuck it, let’s have a team that’s basically from Canada play.


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