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Flyers Re-sign Brayden Schenn To Multi-Year Extension


TSN – The Philadelphia Flyers have signed restricted free agent forwardBrayden Schenn to a multi-year contract.  The team announced the signing on Monday, but no financial terms were released.  In 82 games with the Flyers in 2013-14, Schenn scored 20 goals and added 21 assists.  He had three assists in seven playoff games.

Brayden Schenn has been a decent Flyer and I like this deal going forward.  When we look back at the deal that brought him and Wayne Simmonds to the Orange and Black in exchange for Mike Richards, was it a good trade?  I love the hard-nosed game of Simmonds and he adds a lot offensively, where he improves every year.   Last year, Schenn had his best season as a pro but struggles to stay consistent and hasn’t lived up to his hype as a 5th overall pick.

Since the trade, Richards has won two Stanley Cups in LA and the Flyers are consistently playing golf in the month of June.  Los Angeles is on the verge of a hockey dynasty with key pieces that are former Flyers.  I would say that as of today, they have lost the Mike Richards trade like they have lost many before.  I know Simmonds and Schenn are both young but at the end of the day young or old the Flyers haven’t won dick.  How long can you live off the reputation of potential and hope for the bright future?  This city needs a Cup.


The Flyers have a lot of stock in the Schenn family.  The Schenn Brothers are the poor version of the Bash Brothers.  Never forget.








YouTube Throwback Video – Take Me To Jail

“I didn’t touch the clerk, and that’s on my dead grandmom.”

A lot of classic lines thrown out by this stereotypical boy wonder.  What’s the old saying?  It’s not racist if it’s true?  All kidding aside I’m a big fan of this kid and think he was comedy gold.  I forget how old the original video is but this is where YOLO started.  Need a follow up video to see where this kid ended up.  Is there a chance less than infinity that he’s not in jail?


Flyers trade Scott Hartnell to Blue Jackets for RJ Umberger, 4th Round Pick

TSN The Philadelphia Flyers have traded forward Scott Hartnell to the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for forward R.J. Umberger, the Flyers announced on Monday.

Hextall you dog you!  I believed in Hex to get rid of the dead weight on this team and he’s started by getting rid of Shartnell.  Of course it was done in Flyers fashion by bringing back an old Flyer passed his prime, but Umberger at 32 is a steal.  Put a cone on the ice with Giroux and Voracek and it would put up the same numbers at Shartnell.  I’m praying that clown on skates Braydon Coburn is next.

Now that the Shart is out of town, who’s going to scoop up his sloppy seconds on Sheena Parveen?




Howard Eskin Says There’s a Good Chance of Flyers-Guins at Beaver Stadium


It would be the ultimate to have a Flyers-Guins game at Beaver Stadium with the Philly/Pittsburgh rivalry.  Geographically it’s the perfect place for those teams to clash for a hate fest.  During my time at Penn State, I saw the sports fan bases as 40% Pittsburgh, 40% Philly, and 20% New York/Jersey.  It could be less depending on if a team is winning or not in New York because they are bandwagon frauds.

As great as that blood bath would be, there’s a good chance it’s going to be the fucking Sabres playing at Beaver Stadium.  A few years ago the Sabres owner (Penn State alum) donated $80 million so Penn State could build a hockey stadium and have a relevant program.

Since Penn State has a history of making bad decisions for money, I expect an $80 mil donation will award the shit ass Sabres this game.  I don’t think the majority of people that live in Buffalo know they have a hockey team.  Two relevant teams from Pennsylvania?  Naw fuck it, let’s have a team that’s basically from Canada play.

NBA Draft Prospect Joel Embiid Suffers Foot Injury, Complicates Things for Sixers


ESPN – Joel Embiid, considered the front-runner to be the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA draft, has suffered a right foot injury, his agent and his mentor both confirmed to on Thursday.  “He suffered a foot injury to his right foot sometime over the last few days,” agent Arn Tellem told ESPN’s Andy Katz by phone Thursday. “He’s getting evaluations from various doctors and experts in the field. We’ll know more Friday.”  One source told that Embiid “may have broken” his foot, but Tellem wouldn’t speculate on the seriousness of the injury until he had heard from doctors. Tellem also said it was unlikely Embiid would be doing any more workouts before the draft, which is June 26.

What a dickhead.  A week before the NBA Draft and now we have the second coming of Greg Oden.  This pretty much forces the Sixers to make a move to trade up a spot or two.  If Embiid falls to #3 there is no way the Sixers would take a chance on an injury prone big man when they already gambled on Nerlens Noel.  If the trade up doesn’t happen then best case scenario is the Cavs and the Bucks will be the Cavs and the Bucks and fuck up their drafts.

United States Arrests 89 Year Old Former Auschwitz Guard


Yahoo –  An 89-year-old man has been arrested and denied bail in the United States for alleged war crimes as a teenage Nazi guard at Auschwitz.  Johann Breyer, a retired machinist born in Czechoslovakia to a US mother, admits joining the Waffen SS aged 17 but denies being a guard at the concentration camp in German-occupied Poland.  He emigrated to the United States after World War II and is married with children and grandchildren.  But German authorities in 2012 opened an inquiry against him on suspicion he was an accessory in the killings of hundreds of thousands of Jews in 1944 as an Auschwitz guard.  US media quoted court documents as saying that Breyer has been charged on 158 counts of aiding and abetting Nazi atrocities.  His lawyer Dennis Boyle told AFP that Breyer was arrested in Philadelphia on Tuesday on a warrant from the German government and faces an extradition hearing on August 21.  Breyer insists he was only in a field artillery unit of the Waffen SS and deserted weeks later after serving in the vicinity of Auschwitz, but not as a prison guard.  “He denies any involvement in any war crimes whatsoever. He was never a Nazi,” Boyle said, adding that his client had spent time in a Russian prisoner-of-war camp at the end of World War II.

Give the old alleged Nazi a break!  It’s 70 years after the fact and this geyser isn’t hurting anyone.  I think the window to arrest WWII Nazis has passed and you missed the chance to punish this guy.  He’s suffering from dementia and has had a few strokes, so his day is coming soon.  That day would be better served publicly labeled as a Nazi similar to the way Megan’s Law labels child molesters.