The Time OJ Simpson Had a TV Pilot Called ‘Frogmen’ Until The Murder Case


Yahoo – With the 20th anniversary of the White Bronco chase causing the O.J. Simpson trial to loom large in the rear-view mirror, a brief word about the football star’s last, still-unseen TV pilot, “Frogmen.”

As I detailed in a fairly exhaustive 2000 piece about the project, Simpson had starred in an NBCseries prototype in 1994 – he was longtime buddies with the network’s then-president, Don Ohlmeyer – that was shelved after the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

In the pilot – which wasn’t picked up but remained in contention, and at the least would have aired as a two-hour movie – Simpson played the leader of a crack team of ex-Navy SEALs. The group worked out of a surf shop in Malibu, and the tone seemed designed to tap into a vibe similar to “The A-Team.”

For as great a football player and notorious a criminal as OJ was, I feel like his acting abilities were under appreciated.  It’s very ironic he played a decent cop role in the Naked Gun movies.  Anyone who says they wouldn’t watch his ‘Frogmen’ TV movie is a straight up liar and that’s why they should air it.  He seems like one of those people that was talented at whatever he did.  He got away with murder and then continued to do illegal shit until he got jailed for good.  His arrogance got the best of him.  He wrote a fucking book called If I Did It that he hypothetically confessed how he murdered his wife and Goldman.  That’s called the cockiest move of the century.  It makes Kanye West look like a humble jerkoff.  The murders were fucked up but writing the book is a move you have to respect.


Phillies Defeat Braves in Extras Despite Papelbon Blown Save, Somehow 5.5 Games Out of First Place


Marlon Byrd celebrated the 13-inning win by piggybacking Ben Revere to the infield.  I didn’t know what to make of this celebration but it was neither funny nor cool.  Then I realized the outfield’s been taking a bow after every win.  To me, they look like clowns doing too much celebration with a record that can’t get a whiff of .500.


Last night their anemic run scoring ability was bailed out by a Freddie Freeman error that snowballed into a five run inning.  Cole Hamels hasn’t given up a run in three straight starts but only has a winning decision in one of those games.  As bad as they’ve been, they are only five and a half games out of first place.  Some call it parity, but if you watch the Phillies, there is no fucking way you call their talent level equal to the Braves, Nationals, and Marlins.  I must have been robotripping on some Nyquil last season when Dom Brown was named an All-Star.  Holy shit this guy sucks.  Last night he misplayed a ball at the wall that was not easy to catch, but a major league ball player catches it.


And let’s talk about Papeldoosh blowing the save.


He gave up three used tampon hits that bled into the outfield that were kind of bullshit but a blown save is a blown save.  He has been decent this season but no one that pitches one inning in a game should make $13 million a year.  Just knowing that and watching him pitch pisses me off.  Nothing proves contracts should be performance based more than this asshole pitching.


Over The Weekend the LA Kings Hoisted the Cup, Flyers signed Timonen for Another Year


Stanley Cup Finals - Chicago Blackhawks v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Four

The Kings won their second Stanley Cup in three years with the help of former Flyers Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, and Justin Williams.  I keep waiting for the breaking news of an attempted suicide of former GM Paul Holmgren.  I’d rather the Kings win another Cup and add to my misery than to have a Rangers team that was lucky to be there win.  It’s funny how Henrik Lundqvist has the nickname “King” but hasn’t won shit.  I used to love when that applied to Lebron.

Anyway, while the former core of the Flyers won their second Cup with the Kings, new GM Ron Hextall brought back old man Kimmo Timonen for another year.  Another fucking year.  I would rather give younger guys like Sam Morin or Shayne Gostisbehere a shot.  Hextall had a big part in making the Kings what they are today so I trust him.  Now because I can’t get any more miserable as a hockey fan:

Justin Williams won the Conn Smythe:JustinWilliamsConnSmythe

Social retard Jeff Carter raising it:


And former Flyers’ captain Mike Richards:





Let it sink in.  Just wait til they’re passed their prime and the Flyers will bring them back for a famous Philly farewell tour.

Dumb and Dumber To has a Trailer

Trailer looks very promising.  I hope they don’t over advertise it like they did on Anchorman 2.  I still haven’t seen that.  There was so many damn ads for that I felt like I could piece the movie together and come to the conclusion that it’s not worth watching.  I get it, it’s funny but not funnier than the original.  Dumb and Dumber To has had 20 years to get a script right so I have hope.

Brazil Handed Opening Game Win of World Cup


If you just look at the score it doesn’t tell the story of the game.  Brazil scored on themselves in the beginning then their best forward Neymar tied it at 1-1.  Then I’d say Croatia was outplaying them in the middle part of the game until ‘Fred’ on Brazil had the ball inside the box and did this:

Here’s the ESPN video of the dive.

Of course they scored of the PK and later a garbage time goal for a 3-1 final.  This team full of one named bug eaters got bailed the fuck out by a ref who clearly valued his life.  He saw Brazil wasn’t getting the job done but remembered if they left the field without a win, he would end up in a mass grave.  Now he gets to join the AIDS party tonight in Brazil.


LeBron was definitely taking notes on that dive.  Soccer is just the NBA that you play with your feet and vise versa.





Jessica Simpson Looks Skinny Again


This has to be stressful on her skin, no?  So many ups and downs with her weight being fat then skinny.  Then fat.  Then skinny.  Then pregnant.  Then fatter.  Then being skinny again.  She has to be hiding some loose skin somewhere.



Those calf muscles scare me.  Maybe the time she puts in on the calf workouts she can put into some squats to get something that resembles an ass.  Must be uncomfortable for her to sit down on just her legs.  Don’t think she’ll ever be Daisy Dukes hot again but that’s what memories are for.  Never forget.






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